As a Persian-American raised in Los Angeles, Sean Sahand (born August 14, 1992) has a self-driven passion to achieve everything he sets his mind to. 

Upon completing his bachelor's degree, Sean decided to focus his energy on his true passion for music. He began to perfect his craft, both as a creator and as a performer. Mixing smooth vocals with uptempo tracks, Sean is determined to create his own genre.

Sean Sahand’s single "737" featuring multi-platinum rapper Sage the Gemini experienced viral success with the #737CHALLENGE. This meant millions of views on all social media platforms around the world, especially Instagram and YouTube. The song also received moderate radio airplay in the U.S.

Most Recently, Sean has been working with some of the biggest names in music, preparing to release his full-length EP by the end of 2019. With everyone anticipating Sean Sahand’s next single, the infectious track “Miny Moe" will not disappoint!

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